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Designing websites
We design corporate websites that work equally well on computers, tablets and phones. We will design a website according to your guidelines, and if you don't have any, we'll throw in a few suggestions.
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Designing online shops
We will create an online store where customers can shop at home using their notebook or in the bus, using their smartphone.
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Online Marketing
We will develop, prepare and implement a marketing campaign for your company in Google Ads. Your ads will appear in Google, on websites and on Facebook.
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Corporate e-mail
We will configure the company's e-mail and provide full training and instructions of using it. We will select the right solution for your company.
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SEO / Copywriting
Our websites are made with both humand and computers in mind. We will take care of your company's profile in Google to improve SEO.
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Social Media
If you wish, we can create the Social Media profiles for your brand. We can also run it for you per request.
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